Costa Rican Marriage Culture

Costa Rican wedding culture is a mixture of old and new that has lasted through generations. This is not surprising when you consider the fact that this country spans continents with a majority of its populace belonging to the Latin American side. The Costa Rican culture is one that combines old world elements with new and old world ideas. What this means for the wedding ceremony is an authentic and beautiful mix of cultures that are considered charming by many. It is no wonder then, that couples choose to tie the knot in Costa Rica.

costa rican marriage culture

There are certain customs and rituals that are expected of all couples that take part in a Costa Rican wedding. This Costa Rican marriage culture holds that marriages should be based on mutual love for one another and their families and friends. While this is true for both Western and Eastern style weddings, it is especially important for the westerners to hold these beliefs because this Costa Rica culture is more family oriented. Because of this, brides typically wear long, colorful gowns made of costly fabrics like silk or brocade that are meant to showcase their exquisite taste and style. Westerners, on the other hand, prefer to wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothes that allow them to move freely while posing for photos or dancing at the reception.

Another Costa Rican wedding ceremony custom that has endured through the centuries is the payment of an all inclusive wedding ceremony which is held before the gathering of family members. In many cultures, such an expensive event would certainly be reserved for royalty or wealthier people in the community. In Costa Rica, however, almost everyone from the village also considers this an honor hence the general belief that everyone can just as easily afford an all inclusive wedding ceremony without having to give a huge amount of money. This type of wedding is also favored among the Costa Rican people, since this would certainly be more appreciated by your family members and friends.

The Costa Rica wedding culture also allows for more individualized services and choices for wedding ceremonies. For instance, unlike the United States and Europe where brides tend to undergo a traditional wedding ceremony complete with a Christian service officiant, Costa Rica brides usually opt for personalization. If you would like to get married in Costa Rica, you are very much free to decide on what you would like to have as a wedding service. There are so many options to choose from including a selection of traditional dances and customs along with other non-traditional choices like readings from the Bible or even a simple candlelight dinner.

Marriage is traditionally considered to be a sacred institution in the Costa Rica culture and most of the populace believes that marriage is a lifelong commitment. Some women in the rural areas of the Costa Rica countryside even believe that a wedding is a ceremony of “creating love and bonding.” Most of the Costa Rica wedding brides however, are known to be of high caliber both within their families and among the general population.

Not surprisingly, as much as Costa Rica has progressed technologically, the bridal process has not. Brides still have to be handpicked by the grooms and given careful consideration before they are announced as one of the happy couples being wed. This is especially true when it comes to selecting the best and most reliable wedding organizer, as Costa Rican ladies are known to have high standards. In addition, when choosing a location for the wedding, it is important to pick a place that is close to the bride’s family, as this will eliminate any unnecessary travel expenses.

Interestingly enough, while the Costa Ricaican marriage culture frowns on the modern western lifestyle, there is nothing to suggest that a typical Costa Rican bride will not enjoy the finer things in life. Western clothing styles are typically accepted at most weddings in the country. Also, when choosing a bride, Costa Rican women typically like men who drink beer (as long as it is dark-colored and with the brandy logo clearly visible). If drinking alcoholic beverages is not of interest to you, then a more socially acceptable alternative would be to have a white wine for the wedding.

Finally, it should be noted that when dating individuals outside of the country, Costa Rican females will not mind a bit if their male partner does not practice Buddhism, follow Christianity, or is a member of any other religions. As a matter of fact, these individuals are quite open-minded and comfortable with different beliefs. It should also be mentioned that there are more female applicants than male applicants applying to foreign countries, making the culture extremely tolerant and accepting of the new culture. So, the next time you read about Costa Rican brides vs western brides, keep in mind that both are equally beautiful and worthy of happiness. It just comes down to which culture you would prefer to spend your lives with! Costa Ricans: choose your life partner with care.

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